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I'm glad I chose this driving school for my class 5 basic in-vehicle driving instructions and for my in-classroom instructions. I learned valuable practical skills and my instructor diligently helped me to develop my road judgement for safe driving.

After only 10 hours of brush up training with the instructor, I was confident and comfortable on the road. The instructor provides excellent driving instructions. Atlas Driving School offers fair prices for training and car rental, thanks to Harjit, I passed my class 5 basic road test
Calvin N.

Before I started I found driving to be scary and when I drove I used to be really nervous. After a week with Harjit at Atlas Driving School, I feel ready to conquer any road. I learned important skills as well Harjit gives you neat tricks while on the road to further enhance your driving abilities. It is also a very targeted course that aims to teach everything you'll need to know for the driving test without worrying about the other stuff. All in all I would definitely recommend Atlas Driving School to anyone who's ready to learn and make driving another skills they can add to their tool kit.
As Harjit mentioned in the text for contact info please use my email: instead of my phone number.

Thorough professionals I should say.
Learning driving can be very difficult and stressful especially you are new to Canada like me.But Harjit and Atlas Driving School made it very easy.He makes very good assessment of your driving skills and recommends necessary action.
His main focus is to make you a safe driver.The tips he gives as a driving instructor are very useful. True Value for your money.
As Harjit mentioned in the text for contact info please use my email: instead of my phone number.
Jaswinder S.Gill 587-707-6450

Hi My name is Rajbir and i jus got my license through Atlasdriving Calgary.I must say this driving school is the best place to get the training in driving.Almost all of my family members gottheir driving training through this.i really had no hope in me in driving before but the teacher Mr.Harjit did not only teach me how to drive but he also motivates and encourage me to drive.He is the person who has full of positive attitude towards his students. I highly recommend Atlasdriving school to those who wants to know how to drive the car safely and get their license.Thankyou.